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Skinpharma on Yarm High Street, summer lips & our new treatment packages!

Welcome to our August blog post.

This month we've got news about plans for another clinic we'll be working from in Yarm, further masterclass training we've undergone & new treatment packages we're introducing.


Skinpharma Aesthetics at The Pilates Studio, Yarm High Street

Skinpharma at The Pilates Studio, Yarm High Street

Following talks with Helen Smith, the lovely owner of The Pilates Studio in Yarm, we will be running regular aesthetic treatment clinics there from November. This will be in addition to our current clinics at Yarm Medical Practice, BOAB Salon at the ROKO Gym in York & Redmayne Lodge in Strensall, York.

The studio is situated above Cafe Nero on Yarm High Street with the entrance just to the right of it. We'll have our own clinic room on the second floor & there's a waiting area on the first floor.

Although parking is free for the first hour & after 5pm, we'd like to find out what you think about visiting the area. Are there particular times of the day or week which would be more suitable for visiting our clinic? Perhaps evenings or Saturdays?

Please let us know by posting on our Facebook thread below.


Masterclass lip filler training

Skinpharma Aesthetics: Masterclass lip treatments

Kevin & I recently completed our Masterclass Lip Filler aesthetic training at Derma Medical's academy at the Royal College of GPs in London.

We're now trained to provide advanced lip filler treatment & correction for our clients. A lot of untrained individuals provide this work, but their lack of medical expertise can unfortunately cause a lot of problems:

We're providing our advanced lip filler treatments for £169 for 0.55ml of dermal filler & £249 for 1ml. We use a range of high quality fillers, including Juvederm Ultra/Smile/Volift/Volbella & Teosyal products. We only use items containing local anaesthetic agents, simply to make treatments as pain-free as possible for you.


Treatment packages

We now have a set of aesthetic treatment packages available, all of which provide a discount of at least 10% over individual treatment prices at all of our clinics.

You can see the effect of these different treatments in our portfolio.


Forthcoming clinic dates

We'll have the following clinics over the next few weeks:

September 4th/5th - Yarm Medical Practice

September 8th - BOAB Hair & Beauty Salon, York

September 29th - BOAB Hair & Beauty Salon, York

Please get in touch, if you'd like further information or have any questions about our treatment packages, lip treatments, the Perfect Peel or about anything else we do.

Best wishes.

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