Smile lines skin strengthening

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Dermal filler skin strengthening

Smile lines skin strengthening

I saw this 59-yr old patient about a common problem- smile lines. She noticed the gradual appearance of lines around her mouth when she smiled, so she was looking for something to help her.

Treatment was aimed at providing strength & support to the areas of weaker skin. This helps to reduce bending & the progression of superficial lines & wrinkles.

There's minimal discomfort carrying this out & the outcome is an instant reduction in both static & dynamic lines around the face. Over the following few days, the effect improves & the temporary minor skin redness eases.

The patient loved the treatment, particularly with it looking very natural.


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Dermal filler skin strengthening

Elizabeth Warbrook





Skin strengthening

I went to Viv after I had a photo taken, which brought to my attention the deepening of my nose to mouth lines.

I really didn’t want filler as I don’t like the end results, when it starts to look un natural.

Viv recommended the skin strengthening treatment.
I was blown away with the results , it’s softened my nose to mouth and smile lines without looking like I’d had anything done. I cannot recommend it enough, the results are amazing and I haven’t had one person ask if I have had work done, which says everything to me.