Superficial skin creasing

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Dermal filler skin strengthening

Superficial skin creasing

This 55-yr old patient contacted me about superficial creasing around her lower face, particularly around her jawline & lower cheek area. It had progressed over the last few years & was now starting to bother her.

Using dermal filler treatment to volumise these lines can cause problems. The filler can form lumps which move with the skin, giving a poor appearance without actually softening the creases themselves.

Weaker areas of skin flex & crease more easily, leaving progressively worsening fine lines on the skin surface. For this reason, I used a particular dermal filler injection technique to strengthen the affected skin. This is much safer than under skin volumisation, the filler is unnoticeable & this is very effective.

The patient was very happy with the outcome & continues to be a regular client of mine.


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Dermal filler skin strengthening

Elizabeth Warbrook





Skin strengthening

I went to Viv after I had a photo taken, which brought to my attention the deepening of my nose to mouth lines.

I really didn’t want filler as I don’t like the end results, when it starts to look un natural.

Viv recommended the skin strengthening treatment.
I was blown away with the results , it’s softened my nose to mouth and smile lines without looking like I’d had anything done. I cannot recommend it enough, the results are amazing and I haven’t had one person ask if I have had work done, which says everything to me.